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Carver's Drills are useful whenever a precise, shallow hole (1" and under) is required in a stone carving. They are available in a variety of blade width's from 1/8" to 3/4", and are designed to be used with a Trow & Holden pneumatic tool.
To Drill Holes:

  1. Hold the Carver's Drill in the pneumatic hand-piece perpendicular to the stone and with a gentle stopping and starting motion, set your hole. When working on outdoor pieces, remember to angle the hole slightly downward so water does not collect in it. When drilling a series of holes, mark your Carver's Drill for consistent drill depth.

    2. Begin to bear down slightly on your Drill, letting the air tool do most of the work for you. Continuously rotate the Carver's Drill 1/4-turn as it penetrates the stone. This will make a hole of even diameter and also draw debris out of the bottom of the hole. Use the exhaust from the pneumatic tool to blow out the hole as needed and continue drilling to desired depth.

    Carver's Drills can also be used to carve very fine details, such as facial features.
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