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Selecting the right size and type hand tool will save you time and money and give you better results. The right size tool will feel comfortable in your hand and allow complete contact of blade to stone; using the right type of tool will help prevent breakage and make your work more efficient. Remember, whatever chisel you use, make sure your first hit is a light hit. This will help "set" the tool and put the blade fully in contact with the stone. Three commonly used hand tools are illustrated here.

  • A hand tracer is used to split stone. Move your tracer back and forth along the split line, striking it until the stone splits. Hold it vertical to the stone.
  • Trim and square your stone by tipping your hand set slightly back onto its edge and striking along your line. When your blade becomes dull, turn and use the other edge.
  • Use a hand point to remove high spots by striking at different angles around the area to be removed. For granite or other hard stone, hold the hand point vertically for the first strike. This tool is used for roughing out. Remember to trim the striking head and sharpen the blade regularly for safe and efficient use.
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