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Some Customer Testimonials

Thanks, I just received one of your 1/2" B pneumatic devices for stone sculpting, and I'm blown away by how well it works! I had previously been using either hand tools alone or a cheapo $20 air hammer from home depot that I modified for a shorter stroke. I long wondered if the relative expense of a professional tool was worth it-- there's no doubt that it was!
Jim D. - NJ

I have purchased 3 chisels over the past month and, quite honestly, I am amazed by the results I receive and the workmanship of your products. Although, I'm not a mason I've built multiple walls/stairs made with stone throughout my property. I had previously purchased carbide chisels from a local stone yard and have been using them for a number of years. I cannot even compare the ease and results I receive using the chisels I purchased form Trow and Holden vs. my existing ones. Using your tools had made me re-think my previous efforts and techniques. Lastly, I enjoy the HOW-TO videos and all of your staff whom I interacted with have been great. Lauren has been extremely helpful and personal on the phone which makes it feel comfortable to do business with your company.
Mark P. - CT

I've gotten a fair number of tools from you in the past, all of which I love.
Tom B. - MT

I am writing to thank you for the terrific service in helping me to select my first stone working tools, and for the expedient order fulfillment. I am excited to try these out and put them to use in crafting a new stone hearth for my home.
David B. - CO

I bought a 3/4" Type-B Pneumatic Carving Tool at Sculpture Supply here in Toronto about fifteen years ago. I don't use it every day, but when I do, it has always worked beautifully...until recently. I'm an artist, not a mechanic so I had no idea what to do, and of course I had misplaced the owner’s manual. I found the manual on your site and followed the cleaning directions. I was relieved to read that I didn't have to dismantle the tool, and instead soaked it overnight in mineral spirits. I drained the solvent, added a couple of drops of oil, connected the air hose and it worked just as it should. I would like you to know how impressed I am with this wonderfully simple machine and the easy-to-follow maintenance instructions you provide. I wish all technology were as reliable and user-friendly as my T&H carving tool.
John P. - ON

Just wanted to say thanks for the astounding promptness with which you processed my order. I have it already!!! I'll be sure to send you all of my remaining stone-working business.
Thanks again, Fred M. - MA

Growing up in construction (road, bridge & underground utilities) I have seen a lot of tools and equipment over the years and have been taught you get what you pay for. Your tools are not the least expensive but are definitely the highest quality and best value available.
Pete A. - CT

Thank you for your prompt response to my hammer handle problem. Your attitude toward my satisfaction is reward in itself. Great customer service! It is the reason I do my stone tool business with T&H.
Brad S. - VA

I always use my double masons blade hammer with every job I go to, I have had the hammer for well over a year now and it is the only hammer I've ever used that just doesn't seem to mark the blade no matter how much you use it.
Colin S. - UK

Trow and Holden are by far the best for stone work tools. …I am a mason working
and using these tools every day and they are the best for ANY kind of stone a
mason might work with.
Paul K. - MA

Just wanted to thank you and your company for your great service and even greater quality tools. The mash hammer and stone chipper I brought are absolutely fantastic. Its a pleasure and pleases me greatly using them at work. I look forward to buying more tools of you in the future and the t/shirts a great as well. Thanks again!
Sam W. - Australia

Thank you for the beautiful craftsmanship you put into your tools. They
have made my work much more simple to do and with more attention to detail.
Steven B. - NM

Just wanted to thank you and your company for your great service and even greater quality tools. The mash hammer and stone chipper I brought are absolutely fantastic. Its a pleasure and pleases me greatly using them at work. I look forward to buying more tools of you in the future and the t/shirts a great as well. Thanks again!
Sam W. - Australia

Thanks! It was great doing business with your company. Thank you for providing your fine products to the trade. Must say your web site is outstanding to view and very informative. Also the woman that I talked too, sorry but I can't remember her name, was a big help for me in placing my order, very knowledgeable and intent on me buying what I really needed. If you have an entire staff of employees like her, you are smart and lucky to have a good business core around you. I'm sure that I will be buying more of your products in the near future.
Fred B. - MD

Hi there: Thank you for the helpful info. It's so nice for a company and person to take the time to respond in such a positive way. My husband is just getting started in this process of rock walls and I know we will be using your company for tools down the way. Again, thanks so much for your courtesy.
Sharon H. - TX

I recently had a small problem with a T&H chisel. A couple of folks at your shop worked hard to resolve the issue and ultimately I was more than satisfied with the attention and the final resolution. I’ve been very happy with the T&H products I purchased in the past and this recent experience really underscores the advantage of working with you guys. Effective immediately when any of my tools breaks or wears out, if T&H carries it, I’m buying from you guys. Also, I’m recommending you to everyone else I know who works stone.
Bob M. - NY

Thank you for the email. I received the order this afternoon so I am all set. I have been a stone mason for 32 years and I have yet to use tools which perform as well as yours.
Matt N. - MA

Your tools are the best, in my humble opinion. All of my hand tools proudly display the Trow and Holden name, and I strongly suggest your products to anyone who will listen. I wish to get into some of your pneumatic tools, eventually; even (gasp!) do some carving. Love the website!
William L. - WA

Also I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying all the chisels I bought at your store last month. You make the best tools I've ever used and Randy was extremely helpful in choosing the right ones for carving granite.
Christos K. - MA

Thank you so much for the email. My order came in a few days ago and is being given as a birthday present tomorrow - so the prompt delivery was much appreciated. Your service needs no improvement as every step in the process was clear and easy to follow. Thank you again!
Mary R. - CT

It already arrived, and has broken its first piece of (blue)stone. Thanks! It's a nicely designed tool! Being able to position it with the handle and hit it with another hammer is especially useful for those of us just starting out.
Simon S. - NY

We received the order and everything is good. It has been a pleasure ordering from Trow & Holden, I ‘m glad my friend recommended you. Thank you and keep up the good work.
Tom T. - NJ

I have received my order already - and I am so thrilled!! It got here in time for my husbands birthday, and the tools are fantastic!! I will be happy to order more from you in the future. Thanks so much, -you must work on getting a heart to engrave onto the tools.... Thanks a million
Cheryl G. - Ont.

Many thanks for the quick response and info. Will be ordering a Bantam within the hour. Your customer service is fantastic.
David W. - MD

I am sure you hear this from all of your customers, “Your tools are the best.” I have been teaching myself to sculpt in stone and once I started using your tools the entire experience has become even more fun with results to match.
Dave S. - GA

The tools are even better than I imagined. I can't wait to get more!
Thanks for working with me on figuring out what I needed to get started.
Mike J. - GA

Just letting you know I received my hand point and am extremely happy with how everything went. Thanks a million for replacing it so easily. I will continue to talk up your chisels and service to all I know who do not own a set yet. Until my next order...
William F. - MT

The order arrived today. Thank you SO MUCH for your assistance and for expediting it to me at the reduced charge. It is much appreciated. I respect and appreciate the way you do business—it's quite uncommon these days. Perhaps in your specialized area of expertise it's still possible to compete doing business this way. I hope so. I'm the owner of a one-person business and I make every effort to do the same. It dismays me that world of business has lowered its standards in relationship management and quality—in spite of all the marketing hype trying to convince us that the opposite is true.
Linda M. - MA

I placed my order on Sunday night and received my order on Tuesday with no rush shipping specified. The craftmanship of the tools look great. I'll definitely be using you in the future and am very impressed with the service. Thank you!
Josh H. - ME

The pneumatic tool I bought works like a thing of beauty.
Steve M. - TX

This is the first professional stone carving hammer I have ever used.
I hooked everything up and tried it out and could feel the future
potential of my creativity at ease and pouring out...I have bought
less for more and have now discovered a place to purchase a quality tool.
Nicholas B. - OH

Thank you for fixing our hammer. There are not enough companies like
yours that stand by their products. I will recommend and stand behind
your American craftsmanship.
John H. - MI

Order received, thanks for the outstanding service.
It is always a pleasure to deal with your company.
Gary T. - MA

I have just purchased a hand chisel from you. It is an excellent tool
- very good job - great tool. You'll get future orders from me.
Anthony A. - PA

Your attention to the customer is unbeatable!
Eric P. - CT

Thank you for making such great tools, and keep up the good work!
Ben L. - TX

I love Trow & Holden. You are the real deal, working behind a forge
and making precision tools for precision work.
Simon P. - WI

I'm a stone carver who had until now never used a power tool. I purchased
a set recently and with a nervous tummy started carving today.
THANK YOU!! With ease and versatility your tool does the job.
John B. - NJ

Today I had the blessed misfortune of using one of your pneumatic hammers.
The tool performed amazingly, perfectly, wonderfully well, so much so that
I feel empty without one to call my own.
I have a crush on your pneumatic hammers!
Greg M. - NJ

I just wanted to tell you that I received the hammer and it's
just what I needed. Thanks for your help.
Brian R. - NH

I received my air hammer back today and wanted to thank you.
Most impressive service that will not be forgotten.
Scott P. - NJ

Thanks again, and I apologize that it took longer for me to remember
to write this than it did to have the tool break, send it to you,
have it repaired and returned to me.
Dale J. - OH

I got the 3/4 "in-line" today.
Thank you for the great service.
You are the best.
Mark P. - CO

Thank you for the excellent service...I am a founding member of
the Stone Carvers Guild and will be sure that you are, as you
have been, highly endorsed by all of us.
Dale J. - OH

As an owner of several T&H hammers and chisels, I have always been
impressed with your quality and service, and now that I am teaching
in the NY area I will be recommending your products to my students.
Stephen S. - NY

The Forest Service is celebrating its centennial this year....It's
comforting to know you've been the purveyor of fine tools long
before that. Thanks for keeping the traditional tools alive while
providing innovative new tools to meet the present needs.
David M. - CA

It is very unusual to find a company that actually supports their
products. Trow & Holden stands behind their tools better than any
manufacturer that I know of. You are to be commended for your policies.
John M. - NY

All your tools are the workhorses of our shop. The durability and
craftsmanship are outstanding. These tools allow us to create the
precision profiles needed on all of our work.
David H. - IL

I already use the Bantam at work for carving and I find it an excellent tool.
I wish to buy one for my own personal use now.
Alan M. - UK

Thank You! I spend MANY hours pounding stone. It helps to keep me grounded.
Your tools are great.
Ron L. - NC

I just started working on my new stone. The tools are wonderful.
I am really pleased. You all do great work and I will be
placing another order soon.
Scott S. - MD

I want to thank you all for repairing my hand tools. I now can begin working
on my stone sculptures in my studio. I will take better care of my pieces
so they don't end up in your shop. Again, I can't thank you enough for your
help and speedy return.
Piera R. - PA

I just wanted to say thanks for sending my splitting wedges so fast, and for
making such great tools. My friends and I are "landscaping" an old sandstone
quarry that we use for rock climbing, and there are some pretty big chunks
of stone we wanted to move. We were all quite impressed at what these
little wedges could do! It's also a lot of fun.
Jim M. - OH

I would like to thank you for honoring your craftsmanship in
your tools. Now I know where I will be doing my business from now on.
Tom W. - MD

I would like to tell you how refreshing it is to do business with a company
that will go that far to please a customer. I hope that my new project will
turn in to something more than a hobby, and if it does I will turn to you
for all my supplies. Again, bravo to your ethics in business.
Michael L. - MT

Thank you for opening an awesome world of stone cutting tools.
Shay T. - OR

The most coveted (tool) was the Trow & Holden comfort Grip Hand chisel.
We are all big fans of your tools - there's nothing else like them.
George O. - KY

Thanks for offering these useful materials in your easy to navigate on-line catalog.
Look forward to ordering future supplies through you.
Eric O. - NY

Aaron V. - MA

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