Trow & Holden Company, Inc.

Fine Stoneworking Tools Handmade in Barre, Vermont

 A group photo of our staff in black and white


At Trow & Holden Company, we are proud to offer the highest quality and widest variety of stonecutting tools available anywhere. Since 1890, we at Trow & Holden have worked side-by-side with the highly skilled people who use our tools, refining their design, improving materials and processes, and exploring new applications. Our long tradition of working closely with our customers is instrumental in keeping us innovative. The best designs come from the users of our tools and, because we make everything right here, we can respond quickly to a customer's particular need. It's not unusual for a tool we custom-fabricated to end up in our next catalog!

From forging and forming to heat treatment and finish grinding, all of our tools are made on the same site in Barre, Vermont where they have been manufactured for more than 130 years.  All of our employees complete a four-year apprenticeship in tool making -- we like to say that our tools are "made by artisans for artisans.”

We manufacture a broad range of carbide-tipped hand tools and hammers used by stonemasons throughout the world as well as a complete line of very precise pneumatic tools and chisels for stone carving. Our company was among the very first to successfully introduce tungsten carbide tips on hand tools and hammer blades. Since then, we have continued to be at the forefront in carbide material development and still use only virgin powder, U.S. manufactured carbide in our products. We also hold the original patent for the hand-held Pneumatic Hammer, and our high-quality Pneumatics come with a lifetime guarantee against breakage or malfunction. All of our Hand Tools, Pneumatic Tools and Hammers are individually serial-numbered allowing us to record and keep track of the physical specifications, purchase information and performance of every tool we make.

Whether it's stonecutting hammers, carbide hand tools or precision pneumatic carving tools, Trow & Holden makes every effort to continue to lead the industry in design and materials innovation. Our roots are in the Barre, Vermont granite industry and we know hard stone.

Factory tours can sometimes be arranged in advance based on our production schedule and availability. Please call us in advance if you would like a tour. Even if a tour isn’t possible, you can visit our storefront, which is still much the same as it was when we opened in 1890!


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