Masonry Restoration & Mortar Removal

Many Trow & Holden tools were originally designed for stone carvers and sculptors, which means their features and functions have been optimized for controlled material removal.  This makes many of our chisels and pneumatic tools ideally suited for removing old mortar from between fragile brick or restoring original textures to historic architectural features.

Unlike the grinders and diamond tools typically used for this type of work, Trow & Holden's pneumatic hammers and chisels produce a smooth scraping action -- significantly reducing dust generation and minimizing the risk of damaging historic masonry due to unintended contact with tooling. 

Shown here are the Trow & Holden tools most frequently used for restoration projects, including some tools specifically designed for mortar removal.  For more information related to repointing and masonry restoration, visit our Pneumatic Mortar Removal Guide.

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