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Trow & Holden has specialized in tools for sculptors and stone carvers since we opened our doors in 1890. We understand the unique requirements of both hard stone and soft stone and have worked to develop a wide range of tools that can meet the needs of all types of stone and the artists who work with them. From 1/8” wide detail blades to 3” wide shaping blades, we manufacture chisels for use in every carving application.

Many of our chisels were designed with granite in mind. While granite is a hard stone, it doesn’t bruise, allowing for more aggressive carving techniques. Carbide-tipped chisels are ideal for use in granite, as they are durable and able to withstand more impact. We generally recommend using flat blade chisels instead of tooth chisels when carving in hard stone. We also recommend a Type D long-stroke pneumatic hammer, as it has more impact and will save time, particularly when roughing out.

There is a crossover between granite and softer stone, and all of our carbide-tipped chisels can be used on soft stone. However, certain tool qualities are particularly well-suited to softer stone. Softer stone can be gouged, which makes a tooth chisel an appropriate roughing out tool, and many of our carbide-blade chisels can be cut with teeth. We also manufacture carbide tools with a lighter stock which are specifically intended for use with marble or other soft stone. And, we manufacture a variety of steel tools for use in softer stone. When working with softer stone, we generally recommend a Type B short-stroke pneumatic hammer as it has a lighter impact and will have less tendency to bruise the stone.

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