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Before the arrival of carbide-tipped tools, stoneworking chisels and hammers forged from high-quality steel were the industry standard for stone masons, sculptors, and quarrymen alike.  And while the performance and durability of carbide-tipped tools far exceeds that of their more basic steel predecessors, high-quality steel tools can offer a more economical option when the frequency of use or hardness of stone does not make carbide-tipped tools a necessity.

Trow & Holden's steel stoneworking chisels are made from the highest quality steel. They share the same attention to quality as the rest of our stoneworking tools, offering a significant advantage over inexpensive alternatives commonly found at the local hardware store. So, whether you just need the basic tools for the occasional stone project or simply work with softer, less demanding types of stone, Trow & Holden offers a full selection of the highest quality steel stoneworking tools.

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