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Manufacturer’s Warranty

Trow & Holden’s chisels, hammers, and pneumatic tools are unconditionally guaranteed against defects in manufacturing and materials.

Under this guarantee, Trow & Holden will repair or replace, free-of-charge, any Trow & Holden tool evaluated and found to be defective. However, please note that damage as a result of normal wear, misuse, mishandling, or failure to correctly maintain a tool may not be covered under this guarantee. For more detailed instruction on proper tool care and proper usage of specific tools, please review our tool guides.

If you believe your tool has a manufacturing or materials defect, please contact Trow & Holden immediately. Never use a tool if there is a question about its condition or performance.

Tool Return, Repair & Exchange Policies

Trow & Holden is committed to providing the information and service necessary for customers to purchase and maintain the best tool for their work. For assistance or to coordinate a return, please contact customer service at 800-451-4349 or via email at

Below, please find an overview of our policies regarding tool returns, exchanges and repairs:

  • Returning Unused Merchandise
    Unused products may be returned for a full refund or credit within 60 days of their initial purchase. Any products that are returned after this time period, appear to be used, or have not been kept in like-new condition may be subject to partial credit for restocking. Customized tools, including chisels with teeth or rondel (which are ground to order), hammers with fiberglass handles, or any tool with custom stamping, will be subject to a 25% restocking fee.
  • Warranty Repair or Replacement
    Tools being returned for service under warranty are subject to an evaluation upon arrival. Any tool that appears to have been damaged as a result of defect or irregularity will be replaced or repaired at no charge. Please contact customer service prior to any tool return, which will allow any necessary notes or arrangements to be made before the arrival of your tool.
  • General Maintenance, Repairs & Retip Exchanges
    Any tool that is worn or has become damaged during the course of normal usage can be sent in for maintenance or repair. An assessment of the tool’s condition will be made upon arrival, and service charges will be quoted accordingly. Tools that have been worn or damaged beyond reasonable repair will be eligible for Retip Tool Exchange, which grants 15% off the purchase price of a replacement tool.

Custom Fabrication & Tool Modification

At Trow & Holden, we make an effort to maintain a collaborative relationship with our customers. If you need a specialized tool to suit a particular task, our craftsmen will work with you to fabricate, modify, or adapt a tool to make it just right. To make a custom tool inquiry or have an existing tool modified, please contact us by phone or by email at It may be helpful to supply a sketch illustrating rough shape and dimensions, as well as an explanation of the tool’s usage. Please note that our Manufacturer’s Warranty may not apply to custom fabricated or altered tools.

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