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Pneumatic Hammers

As inventors of the first pneumatic stone carving hammer in 1890, we have had many years to perfect these tools and expand our range of sizes to suit the needs of all our customers. Whether you’re working in small blocks of alabaster or large blocks of granite, we want you to have the tool that best fits your work. If you feel the tool you have received is not a comfortable size or appropriate for your application, we will gladly exchange it for another.

Because these tools have only one movable part, they are difficult to wear out. We know of tools nearly 100 years old that are still in use. You make a great investment when you purchase a Trow & Holden Pneumatic Hammer!

Pneumatic Chisels

Trow & Holden proudly manufactures a wide variety of pneumatic stoneworking chisels for use in our pneumatic hammers. Below, you will find our full selection of pneumatic hammers and chisels. Whether you are texturing a large surface area of stone, removing mortar before repointing, or carving delicate details and lettering, you will find a chisel that is perfect for your work. You will also find a number of accessories to help simplify use and reduce vibration. 

Visit our individual product pages for additional details and descriptions of usage. 

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