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Steel Bush Hammers

1lb Hammer- $94
1lb Hammer- $94
HBH112SQ -
3-1/2lb Hammer- $194
HBH134SQ -
5-1/2lb Hammer- $214
7-1/2lb Hammer- $222
12in (30cm) Wood Handle
HA-RP24 -
12in (30cm) Wood Handle
HA-16 -
16in (41cm) Wood Handle
HA-#13 -
13in (33cm) Fiberglass Handle with Standard Grip +$35
HA-#13SG -
13in (33cm) Fiberglass Handle with Safety Grip +$35
HA-#16 -
16in (41cm) Fiberglass Handle with Standard Grip +$39
HA-#16SG -
16in (41cm) Fiberglass Handle with Safety Grip +$39
Product Description

The Steel Bush Hammer is intended for the light shaping or texturing of soft stone. Bring the toothed face of the hammer down square with the surface of the stone to work down high spots or to create a more level stippled finish.

Product Features
  • hardened steel teeth
  • 12in wood handle included with 1-1/2lb hammers
  • 16in wood handle included with all other Bushing Hammers
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