Carbide Cape Chisels

1/8in (3mm) Blade Width- $48
CD121218 -
1/8in (3mm) Blade Width- $48
CD1212316 -
3/16in (5mm) Blade Width- $51
CD121214 -
1/4in (6mm) Blade Width- $55
CD121238 -
3/8in (10mm) Blade Width- $60
Product Description

The narrow profile of the Carbide Cape Chisel makes it an ideal tool for maneuvering within tight joints and removing hard material from spaces with limited access for a full-width chisel.

Product Features
  • Narrow carbide-tipped blade
  • Available in 1/8in to 3/8in blade widths
  • 1/2in (13mm) stock
  • 1/2in (13mm) shank
Product Video
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