Carbide Limestone Hand Carving Chisels

3/4in (19mm) Blade- $58
CHCL34 -
3/4in (19mm) Blade- $58
1in (25mm) Blade- $62
CHCL112 -
1-1/2in (38mm) Blade- $66
2in (51mm) Blade- $70
A diagram of the arrangement style and length of teeth on a carbide limestone chisel
No Teeth
No Teeth
A -
A Teeth +$10
B -
B Teeth +$10
C -
C Teeth +$10
D -
Rondel +$10
E -
E Teeth +$10
F -
F Teeth +$10
G -
G Teeth +$10
H -
H Teeth +$10
Engraving? + $8
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Product Description

Our newly designed Limestone Carving Chisels feature finely-tapered blades that are sharpened for use on limestone or other soft stone. The octagonal stock allows for a precise degree of control. These chisels are designed for the light duty carving of soft stone only. Improper use will damage the carbide blade.

Product Features
  • Finely Tapered Carbide Blades
  • Blades Widths from 3/4in (19mm) to 2in (51mm)
  • 5/8in Octagonal (16mm) Stock
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