Carbide Offset Hand Sets

3/4in Stock with 1-1/4in Blade (32mm)- $98
CHO34114 -
3/4in Stock with 1-1/4in Blade (32mm)- $98
CHO1118 -
1in Stock with 1-1/8in Blade (29mm)- $83
CHO1112 -
1in Stock with 1-1/2in Blade (38mm)- $102
CHO12 -
1in Stock with 2in Blade (51mm)- $118
CHO1182 -
1-1/8in Stock with 2in Blade (51mm)- $129
CHO118212 -
1-1/8in Stock with 2-1/2in Blade (64mm)- $141
CHO1183 -
1-1/8in Stock with 3in Blade (76mm)- $150
CHO1184 -
1-1/8in Stock with 4in Blade (102mm)- $177
Engraving? + $8
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Product Description

Use the Offset Hand Set when the chipper style is desired but more strength is needed. This tool makes it easier to see your pitch line and also helps to avoid nicking as you trim your stone.

Product Video
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