Carbide Stone Busters

2lb Vertical Blade- $129
2lb Vertical Blade- $129
2lb Horizontal Blade- $129
4lb Vertical Blade- $139
4lb Horizontal Blade- $139
16in (41cm) Wood Handle
16in (41cm) Wood Handle
16in (41cm) Fiberglass Handle with Standard Grip +$17
16in (41cm) Fiberglass Handle with Safety Grip +$19
Product Description

The carbide-tipped Stone Busters features a heavy-duty carbide blade and hardended striking face. Considered the hammer version of a Hand Tracer, the Stone Buster can be used in three ways: * Swing the Stone Buster, using the crowned and hardened striking face to strike chisels or other comparably weighted dual-purpose hammers. * Swing the blade directly into the stone, using the rugged carbide tip score, trim or split stone. *Hold the Stone Buster's blade on the stone and strike it with another dual-purpose or striking hammer of comparable weight to deliver a powerful splitting force exactly where you want it, while keeping hands out of harms way. Pair the Stone Buster with a Hammer Set or Hammer Point of comparable weight to maximize versatility.

Product Features
  • Versatile Daul-purpose Stoneworking and Striking Hammer
  • Heavy-duty Carbide Tip Blade
  • Available with Vertical or Horizontal Blade
  • Available in 2lb or 4lb Weights
  • 16in Wood Handle Included
Product Video
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