Comfort Grip Collection

Comfort Grip Collection- $551
Comfort Grip Collection- $551
13in Canvas Tool Bag (Standard)
13in Canvas Tool Bag (Standard)
7in Leather Tool Bag +$76
17in Leather Tool Bag +$128
Product Description

Customers have been so happy with the performance of our Comfort Grip hand tools that we have decided to offer a complete set, along with our signature oval-eye 3lb Hand Hammer, all in a sturdy canvas tool bag. Our Comfort Grip carbide hand tools feature contoured handles which provide a secure grip for more powerful blows. Heavier carbide tips last and last, even when cutting the hardest stone. All of our tools are manufactured from the highest quality American-made steel and carbide.

Looking for a more robust carrier for your new tool set? Consider upgrading the tool bag included in this set to one of our hand-crafted Leather Tool Bag.

Product Features
  • 3lb Hand Hammer with oval eye
  • Comfort Grip Heavy Hand Point
  • Comfort Grip Hand Chisel with 1-1/4in Heavy Duty Carbide Blade
  • Comfort Grip Hand Set with 2in Carbide Blade
  • Comfort Grip Hand Tracer with 2in Heavy Duty Carbide Blade
  • Heavy Duty Trow & Holden Canvas Tool Bag
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