Steel Granite Hand Chisels

3/8in Stock (10mm)- $27
AHCG38 -
3/8in Stock (10mm)- $27
AHCG12 -
1/2in Stock (13mm)- $35
AHCG58 -
5/8in Stock (16mm)- $37
AHCG34 -
3/4in Stock (19mm)- $47
AHCG78 -
7/8in Stock (22mm)- $56
1in Stock (25mm)- $65
Engraving? + $8
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Product Description

The Steel Granite Hand Chisel is used for general shaping, roughing out, and removing high spots. Its shape and proportions were originally developed to suit the demands of working granite before the arrival of their more durable carbide-tipped equivalent. The hardened steel blade offers improved wear resistance, but will require more frequent regrinding to maintain its original shape.

Product Features
  • Hardened Steel Blade
  • 3/8in to 1in Stock Sizes
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