Steel Marble Hand Points

3/8in Hex Stock (10mm)- $27
AHP38 -
3/8in Hex Stock (10mm)- $27
AHP12 -
1/2in Hex Stock (13mm)- $29
AHP58 -
5/8in Hex Stock (16mm)- $34
AHP34 -
3/4in Hex Stock (19mm)- $39
Engraving? + $8
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Product Description

Use the Steel Marble Hand Point for roughing out and general material removal on soft stone, such as marble or alabaster.  The Steel Marble Hand Point has a sharper, more elongated point than our other Hand Points, and has a hexagonal stock.  They have been hardened for increased durability, but require regular grinding to maintain their original shape or desired sharpness.

Product Features
  • Hardened Steel Point
  • 3/8in to 3/4in Hexagonal Stock sizes
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