Thin Stone Veneer Set

Thin Stone Veneer Set- $423
Thin Stone Veneer Set- $423
Product Description

Please note: We are currently experiencing manufacturing delays on these items, and delivery may be extended 4-6 weeks. We will fulfill orders as soon as products become available.

Achieve a more refined hand-cut finish when trimming thin stone veneer with Trow & Holden's Thin Stone Veneer tools, and reduce the need for loud, dusty angle grinder cuts and unpredictable brick hammer work.

The Thin Stone Veneer Hardie provides a durable and sturdy fulcrum on which to precisely cut pieces of veneer stone.

The 2lb Thin Stone Veneer Hammer was designed specifically for use with the Thin Stone Veneer Hardie to maximize control and more easily achieve a hand-cut look.

The 1-1/4in carbide Mason's Chipper is perfect for any remaining clean-up chiseling along the edges of split or cut veneer stone.


Product Features
  • 12lb Thin Stone Veneer Hardie with 4in hardened steel blade
  • Hardie coated in Safety Orange for increased job site visibility
  • 2lb Thin Stone Veneer Hammer with 1-1/4in carbide-tipped trimming blade and beveled striking face
  • Carbide Mason's Chipper with 1-1/4in blade and 3/4in stock
Product Video
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