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Bantam Bushing Chisels

A - 3/8in SQR 4-pt Bush Chisel- $55
CBJ-4 -
A - 3/8in SQR 4-pt Bush Chisel- $55
CJ12516-4 -
B - 1/2in SQR 4-pt Bush Chisel- $58
CJ12516-9 -
C - 1/2in SQR 9-pt Bush Chisel- $62
CCC78516 -
D - 7/8in RND Cup Chisel- $65
CBJ-3 -
E - 3-Bade Bush Chisel- $68
CBM-4 -
F - 4-Tooth Frosting Chisel- $49
CBM-12 -
G - 12-Tooth Frosting Chisel- $51
CBM-21 -
H - 21-Tooth Frosting Chisel- $51
S-WOOD516 -
I - Bantam Wood Chisel Adaptor**- $35
Product Description

Our 5/16in shank Bantam Bushing Chisels are our smallest, most delicate bushing chisels, intended for use in the Barre Bantam Pneumatic Hammer. These carbide-tipped bushing chisels are ideal for texturing features on small-scale stonework.

Product Features
  • 5/16in (8mm) Shank for Bantam Air Hammer
  • Solid carbide-tipped bushing heads

** Wood chisel not included with Bantam Wood Chisel Adaptor

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