Bantam Carbide Chisels

1/8in (3mm) Blade- $48
CC18 -
1/8in (3mm) Blade- $48
CC316 -
3/16in (5mm) Blade- $48
CC316-R -
3/16in (5mm) RONDEL Blade- $58
CC14 -
1/4in (6mm) Blade- $53
CC14-R -
1/4in (6mm) RONDEL Blade- $63
CC38 -
3/8in (10mm) Blade- $59
CC38-R -
3/8in (10mm) RONDEL Blade- $69
CC38-T -
3/8in (10mm) Blade with TEETH- $69
CC12 -
1/2in (13mm) Blade- $63
CC12-R -
1/2in (13mm) RONDEL Blade- $73
CC12-T -
1/2in (13mm) Blade with TEETH- $73
Product Description

Our 5/16in shank Bantam Chisels are our smallest, most delicate chisels, intended for use in the Barre Bantam Pneumatic Hammer. These carbide-tipped chisels are ideal for detail carving and lettering applications.

Product Features
  • 5/16in (8mm) Shank for Bantam Air Hammer
  • Rondel-style Blade Available on 3/16in, 1/4in, 3/8in, or 1/2in Blade Widths
  • Pointed Teeth Available on 3/8in or 1/2in Blade Widths
  • Bantam Chisels Can Be Used In 1/2in-B Air Hammers with 1/2in Shank Adaptor Accessory
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