BBD Rock Drill

BBD12-D -
BBD12 Rock Drill with D-Handle- $2195 OUT OF STOCK
BBD12-T -
BBD12 Rock Drill with T-Handle- $2195 OUT OF STOCK
3/4in x 4-1/4in Shank
3/4in x 4-1/4in Shank
7/8in x 4-1/4in Shank
Product Description

The BBD Rock Drill from Atlas Copco is a midweight, hand-held pneumatic rock drill. This drill is intended for high-demand rock drilling applications that often require drilling 3/4in to 1-3/8in diameter holes ranging from 1 - 10ft deep. This drill is also available with an optional muffler, which reduces exhaust noise.

Product Features
  • requires 46-CFM air supply through 5/8in air hose
  • delivers 2650 blows/minute
  • weighs 22lbs
  • receives standard 7/8in x 4-1/4 hex shank hollow-core drills
  • PLEASE NOTE: this is a un-stocked item, lead times may very pending availability
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