Dry Stone Walling Set

Dry Stone Walling Set- $421
Dry Stone Walling Set- $421
Canvas Tool Bag (Standard)
Canvas Tool Bag (Standard)
18in Leather Tool Bag +$117
Product Description

Split. Shape. Stack. Repeat!  With our Dry Stone Walling Set in-hand, there's no mortar required!  Enhance your property for decades to come with the timeless aesthetic and durability of a traditional dry-laid stone wall.  Whether you are starting from scratch or repairing the work of generations past, this collection of tools and accessories will help construct a wall that can withstand the test of time.

Looking for a more robust carrier for your new tool set? Consider upgrading the tool bag included in this set to one of our hand-crafted Leather Tool Bag.

Product Features
  • 2lb Carbide Hammer Point with Fiberglass Handle
  • 1-1/2in Carbide Hand Tracer with 1in Stock
  • 24oz Rock Pick with Carbide Trimming Head & Blade
  • 2 Pairs of Forged Walling Pins with 30' of Mason Line
  • Bound Guide to Building & Repairing Dry Stone Fences
  • Safety Glasses
  • Canvas Trow & Holden Tool Bag
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