Carbide Mallet Head Chisels

3/4in Blade (19mm) with 1/2in Stock - $60
CMC34 -
3/4in Blade (19mm) with 1/2in Stock - $60
CMC1 -
1in Blade (25mm) with 1/2in Stock- $62
CMC114 -
1-1/4in Blade (32mm) with 1/2in Stock- $66
CMC112 -
1-1/2in Blade (38mm) with 1/2in Stock- $68
CMC2 -
2in Blade (51mm) with 1/2in Stock- $90
CMC212 -
2-1/2in Blade (64mm) with 1/2in Stock- $93
CMC3 -
3in Blade (76mm) with 1/2in Stock- $102
CF58121H -
1in Blade (25mm) with 5/8in Stock- $74
CF5812114H -
1-1/4in Blade (32mm) with 5/8in Stock- $77
CF5812112H -
1-1/2in Blade (64mm) with 5/8in Stock- $85
CF58122H -
2in Blade (51mm) with 5/8in Stock- $89
A drawn diagram of the arrangement style and length of teeth on a carbide mallet head chisel
No Teeth
No Teeth
A -
A Teeth +$10
B -
B Teeth +$10
C -
C Teeth +$10
D -
E -
E Teeth +$15
F -
F Teeth +$15
G -
G Teeth +$10
H -
H Teeth +$10
I -
A Teeth (wide blade) +$30
J -
B Teeth (wide blade) +$30
K -
C Teeth (wide blade) +$30
L -
G Teeth (wide blade) +$30
M -
H Teeth (wide blade) +$30
Engraving? + $8
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Product Description

Our Carbide Mallet Head Chisels are intended for sculpting and stone carving applications, and feature carbide-tipped blades so the chisels hold their cutting edge longer than chisels with hardened steel blades.  These chisels are not suitable for more aggressive material removal or general masonry applications.

Carbide Mallet Head Chisels are available in two styles:

  • 1/2in-stock Mallet Head Chisels are lighter weight and feature more slender blades, making them more appropriate for use on softer types of stone.
  • 5/8in-stock Mallet Head Chisels weigh more and feature heavier-duty carbide tips, which makes them ideal for cleaning up or carving harder types of stone.

We recommend that teeth only be selected for chisels with 5/8in-stocks with heavier-duty carbide tips, and Rondel (rounded) blade styles should not be selected for blades wider than 1in.

Product Features
  • mallet-head style striking head for reduced mallet wear
  • 1/2in stock chisels feature fine-tipped carbide
  • 5/8in Stock chisels feature heavier roughing carbide
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