Carbide Mason's Chippers

3/4in Stock with 1-1/4in Blade (32mm)- $103
CHOM34114 -
3/4in Stock with 1-1/4in Blade (32mm)- $103
CHOM1118 -
1in Stock with 1-1/8in Blade (29mm)- $88
CHOM1112 -
1in Stock with 1-1/2in Blade (38mm)- $107
CHOM12 -
1in Stock with 2in Blade (51mm)- $123
CHOM1182 -
1-1/8in Stock with 2in Blade (51mm)- $134
CHOM118212 -
1-1/8in Stock with 2-1/2in Blade (64mm)- $146
CHOM1183 -
1-1/8in Stock with 3in Blade (76mm)- $155
CHOM1184 -
1-1/8in Stock with 4in Blade (102mm)- $182
Engraving? + $8
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Product Description

The Mason's Chipper is a modified variation of our Offset Hand Set, and offers a beveled blade for rock facing, trimming or squaring stone.  The beveled blade makes it easier for the working edge of the carbide-tip to get purchase on more rounded or irregular surfaces.

Product Video
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