Carbide Rippers

2-tooth Ripper- $66
CG1212-2 -
2-tooth Ripper- $66
CG1212-3 -
3-tooth Ripper- $71
CG5812-4 -
4-tooth Ripper- $87
Product Description

The aggressive carbide teeth of the Ripper are perfect for fast material removal when roughing out relief work, and its narrow profile allow it to be used like a Bushing Chisel in tight, hard-to-reach areas.

Product Features
  • individual carbide teeth
  • thin blade profile
  • 2-tooth approximately 1/2in (13mm) wide
  • 3-tooth approximately 5/8in (16mm) wide
  • 4-tooth approximately 3/4in (19mm) wide
  • 1/2in (13mm) shank
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