Carbide Trimming Hammers

2lb Vertical - Blade & Concave Trimming Face- $180
2lb Vertical - Blade & Concave Trimming Face- $180
2lb Horizontal - Blade & Concave Trimming Face- $180
HTH212CT/V -
2-1/2lb Vertical - Dual Concave Faces- $242
HTH212CT/H -
2-1/2lb Horizontal - Dual Concave Faces- $242
HTH312CT/V -
3-1/2lb Vertical - Dual Concave Faces- $259
HTH312CT/H -
3-1/2lb Horizontal - Dual Concave Faces- $259
16in (41cm) Wood Handle
HA-16 -
16in (41cm) Wood Handle
HA-#16 -
16in (41cm) Fiberglass Handle with Standard Grip +$39
HA-#16SG -
16in (41cm) Fiberglass Handle with Safety Grip +$39
Product Description

Based on two of our most popular style Trimming Hammers, our Carbide Trimming Hammers offer maximum wearability with carbide on each working edge of the hammer. To accomodate different stone trimming techniques, each hammer style is available in either vertical or horizontal orientations. When the edges eventually dull, turn it over on the handle for 2 more fresh edges. It works equally well for right or left hand use. Resharpening is easy on small grinders with 6in or 8in diameter silicon carbide wheels.

Product Features
  • available with vertical or horizontal head orientations
  • splitting blade & concave trimming face
  • dual concave trimming faces
  • 16in wood handle included
Product Video
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