Chisel Retainers

Fits Barre Bantam Air Tool- $9
CR1 -
Fits Barre Bantam Air Tool- $9
CR2 -
Fits 1/2in-D Air Tool- $10
CR3 -
Fits 1/2in-B Air Tool- $10
CR4 -
Fits 3/4in-D Air Tool- $12
CR5 -
Fits 3/4in-B Air Tool- $12
CR6 -
Fits 1in-D Air Tool- $14
CR7 -
Fits 1in-B Air Tool- $14
CR8 -
Fit's 1-1/4in-D Air Tool- $15
Product Description

We've finally hit upon a way to secure your chisel inside a pneumatic carving tool while keeping it loose and easy to control. A simple, precision rubber part that loops onto your chisel and air tool, the Chisel Retainer is both easy to install and to remove. Elegantly simple!

Product Video
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