Thin Stone Veneer Hammer

2lb Thin Stone Veneer Hammer- $154
2lb Thin Stone Veneer Hammer- $154
12in (30cm) Wood Handle
HA-RP24 -
12in (30cm) Wood Handle
HA-#13 -
13in (33cm) Fiberglass Handle with Standard Grip +$35
HA-#13SG -
13in (33cm) Fiberglass Handle with Safety Grip +$35
Product Description

The Thin Stone Veneer Hammer was designed specifically for hand trimming and shaping natural thin stone veneer, which is generally under 2in thick.  Its 1-1/4in wide carbide-tipped trimming blade will hold its cutting edge longer than more common brick hammers.  The Veneer Hammer also features a beveled striking face, which can be used to strike smaller hand tools.

For maximum control and efficiency, the Veneer Hammer should be paired with our Thin Stone Veneer Hardie and can be purchased as part of Trow & Holden's Thin Stone Veneer Set.

Product Features
  • 2lb dual-purpose hammer head
  • 1-1/4in carbide-tipped trimming blade
  • beveled striking head
  • 12in wood handle included
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