Hand Hammers

1lb Hammer- $78
HCH1 -
1lb Hammer- $78
HCH114 -
1-1/4lb Hammer- $78
HCH112 -
1-1/2lb Hammer- $78
HCH134 -
1-3/4lb Hammer- $78
HCH2 -
2lb Hammer- $80
2lb Oval-eye Hammer- $105
HCH214 -
2-1/4lb Hammer- $81
HCH212 -
2-1/2lb Hammer- $87
HCH234 -
2-3/4lb Hammer- $93
HCH3 -
3lb Hammer- $98
3lb Oval-eye Hammer- $111
HCH314 -
3-1/4lb Hammer- $102
HCH312 -
3-1/2lb Hammer- $107
HCH334 -
3-3/4lb Hammer- $110
HCH4 -
4lb Hammer- $114 OUT OF STOCK
4lb Oval-eye Hammer- $121 OUT OF STOCK
13in (33cm) Rnd-eye Wood Handle
HA-13 -
13in (33cm) Rnd-eye Wood Handle
HA-12OE -
12in (30cm) Oval-eye Wood Handle
HA-#13 -
13in (33cm) Fiberglass Handle with Standard Grip +$20
HA-#13SG -
13in (33cm) Fiberglass Handle with Safety Grip +$22
Product Description

One of Trow & Holden's oldest hammer designs, the distinct shape of our Hand Hammers optimizes balance and hardness to deliver powerful blows and better wear.  Our Hand Hammers are ideal for striking chisels, wedges, or any other general hand drilling purposes.

The 2lb, 3lb, and 4lb Hand Hammers with oval eyes feature slightly larger striking faces and receive heavier-duty handles to match more aggressive swinging styles.

Product Features
  • available in 1/4lb increments
  • oval-eye hammers available in 2lb, 3lb, or 4lb
  • round-eye hammers include 13in wood handle
  • oval-eye hammers include 12in wood handle
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