Carbide Tool Maintenance

Two carbide chisels one of which is rusty and the other well maintaned

Carbide tools require attentive maintenance and the application of proper technique.  Too often we see tools returned with plenty of life left in them, but damaged beyond reasonable repair due to poor maintenance or misuse. 

To help get the most out of your tools, check out our "DO's & DON'Ts of Carbide Tool Use."

In the meantime, here are some examples of both good and bad tool maintenance. 

 Rusty worn out tools including steel chisel


The tools on the left have been diligently reground to their like-new shape to prevent breakage and maximize effectiveness through the life of the tools' carbide. Their shanks have also been regularly redressed to maintain a safe striking surface.


The carnage on the right is the result of the tool's carbide being worn round.  As the carbide dulls the tool has to be struck harder to shape stone -- increasing the stress on the carbide and the weld holding it in place. This applies to pneumatic and hand tools. And check out that mushroom! A miss-strike to the hand hurts enough without the added shrapnel.  Always keep your striking surfaces properly ground!

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