Staubli Quick Connect

Male Staubli Quick Connect (Plug)- $12
SS330 -
Male Staubli Quick Connect (Plug)- $12
SS331 -
Female Staubli Quick Connect (Socket)- $38
SS333 -
Set Male + Female Staubli Quick Connect- $50
Product Description

Staubli Quick Connects are among the best in the world.  They make oiling your pneumatic hammer regularly or air hammer changeovers much more convenient.  This particular set of quick connects also offers a unique two-stage push button release:

  • First press: stops air flow while still leaving components securely connected
  • Second press: fully disconnects the coupling

Component Specifications

SS330 - Male Staubli Coupling Plug with 1/4in NPT Male Thread
SS331 - Female Staubli Coupling Socket with 1/4in NPT Female Thread

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