Stone Mason's Or Mash Hammers

2lb Hammer- $112
HMH2 -
2lb Hammer- $112
2lb Hammer with Carbide Blade- $159
HMH3 -
3lb Hammer- $126
3lb Hammer with Carbide Blade- $174
HMH4 -
4lb Hammer- $138
4lb Hammer with Carbide Blade- $195
HMH6 -
6lb Hammer- $170
HMH8 -
8lb Hammer- $206
HMH10 -
10lb Hammer- $234
HMH12 -
12lb Hammer- $279
HMH14 -
14lb Hammer- $298
HMH16 -
16lb Hammer- $345
HMH18 -
18lb Hammer- $417
16in (41cm) Wood Handle
HA-16 -
16in (41cm) Wood Handle
HA-30 -
30in (76cm) Wood Handle
HA-32 -
32in (81cm) Wood Handle
HA-#16 -
16in (41cm) Fiberglass Handle with Standard Grip +$24
HA-#16SG -
16in (41cm) Fiberglass Handle with Safety Grip +$26
HA-#32 -
32in (81cm) Fiberglass Handle with Standard Grip +$35
Product Description

The design of this traditional-style stone hammer is nearly as old as the trade of stonemasonry itself, and offers an efficient method for shaping stone. The blade can be used for splitting stone with the grain or along bed lines, while the flat, squared back of the hammer is used for trimming and general shaping.

The entire hammer has been hardened for maximum durability and should only be used to strike stone. The Mash Hammer should never be used to strike or be stuck by other tools. Our 2lb, 3lb, and 4lb Mash Hammers are also available with carbide-tipped blades for increased wear resistance.  Need something even more wear resistant? Check out the Ultimate Mash Hammer!

Product Features
  • fully-hardened heads
  • carbide-tipped blades available on 2lb, 3lb, and 4lb hammers
  • for striking stone only
  • 16in wood handle included in 2-4lb hammers
  • 30in wood handle included in 6-12lb hammers
  • 32in wood handle included in 14-18lb hammers
Product Video
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