Swivel Retainers

Fits Barre Bantam Air Tool- $13
SR1 -
Fits Barre Bantam Air Tool- $13
SR2 -
Fits 1/2in-D Air Tool- $15
SR3 -
Fits 1/2in-B Air Tool- $15
SR4 -
Fits 3/4in-D Air Tool- $16
SR5 -
Fits 3/4in-B Air Tool- $16
SR6 -
Fits 1in-D Air Tool- $19
SR7 -
Fits 1in-B Air Tool- $19
SR8 -
Fit's 1-1/4in-D Air Tool- $21
Product Description

The Swivel Retainer is designed specifically for use with our Bushing Chisels, but will work with any round shank tool. It easily and securely clips on to the air tool with a flexible loop, keeping the chisel free to indancein on the stone. Swivel Retainers require no modifications to your air tools or chisels and are available to fit all of our various size pnuematic tools.

Product Video
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