Chisel Whizards

Fits 1/2in stock hand tools- $26
CW12 -
Fits 1/2in stock hand tools- $26
CW58 -
Fits 5/8in stock hand tools- $26
CW34 -
Fits 3/4in stock hand tools- $26
CW78 -
Fits 7/8in stock hand tools- $31
CW1 -
Fits 1in stock hand tools- $36
CW118 -
Fits 1-1/8in stock hand tools- $36
Product Description

Finally, a better way to hold onto a chisel! Get your hand out of harm's way while minimizing shock and vibration with this simple but effective device.

The Chisel Whizard's rubber loops firmly grip the tool handle, but still allow you to adjust the blade angle. Install the Chisel Whizard on your Trow & Holden chisel, grab your favorite hammer, and swing away with new found comfort and safety. Sizes are available to fit all of our hand tools.

Product Video
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