Sharpening Pads & Wheels

70 Grit 4in Diamond Pad- $56
G4101 -
70 Grit 4in Diamond Pad- $56
G4102 -
120 Grit 4in Diamond Pad- $48
G4103 -
220 Grit 4in Diamond Pad- $39
P0410 -
4in Backplate - 1/4in Mandrel- $36
P0401 -
4in Backplate - 58-11 Threaded- $36
SSGC80611 -
6in x 1in x 1in - 80 Grit - Silicon-Carbide Wheel- $64
SSGC80811 -
8in x 1in x 1in - 80 Grit - Silicon-Carbide Wheel- $89
Product Description

Keep your carbide-tipped tools performing their best and maximize their service life with regular maintenance.  Regrinding should be performed as needed, and before the working edge of the carbide becomes too rounded from excessive wear.

To regrind carbide using a bench grinder, simply choose the appropriate size silicon-carbide (green) wheel and fit it to your grinder.  Alternatively, 4in diamond pads can be used with any variable speed drill or angle grinder, making it easier to touch up tools as needed on the job site.

For more detailed grinding and tool maintenance instruction, please read our Tool Care & Usage Guide.

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