Carbide Detail Carving Chisels

1/8in Blade (3mm)- $47
CHC18 -
1/8in Blade (3mm)- $47
CHC316 -
3/16in Blade (5mm)- $49
CHC316-R -
3/16in Blade (5mm) with RONDEL- $59
CHC14 -
1/4in Blade (6mm)- $55
CHC14-R -
1/4in Blade (6mm) with RONDEL- $65
CHC14-T -
1/4in Blade (6mm) with 2-TEETH- $65
Product Description

Our smallest carbide-tipped hand chisels feature a turned relief behind the blade making it easier to get into tight spaces for fine detail carving. Chisels are 7in long and all sizes can be ordered with either flat or rondel (rounded) blade styles. The 1/4in chisel is also available with fine teeth.

Product Features
  • 7in Overall Length
  • Delicate Carbide-tipped Blades
  • 5/16in Stock with Low-profile Neck
  • 1/8in, 3/16in, 1/4in Blade Widths
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